Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Can't Help It

I've turned into a grouch these days. So to counter-act this grouchy phase, I've resumed knitting. A lot. I'm actually working on an afghan that's been in progress for about 1-1/2 years.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to receive my black Nantucket Bagg in the mail and stock it up with my knitting essentials. It's quite inspiring actually. I can place all my knitting needles, my current WIPs and still have room for the bulky feather and fan afghan that I've been working for, like, years.

It's an amazing bag and now Leo wants one for his tools!

These days, I find myself knitting in my knitting/spinning chair that's been now moved into the bedroom because my son has taken over my knitting/spinning space in the living room. And these days, that's where you're gonna find me.

Or in the garage, drumcarding - which I've been doing as much as I can, only to realize that when one drum cards, one also needs more fiber! So...guess I'll be prowling for more fiber online as well.

In the non-spinning front, I spied this teaser trailer online and am quite enthralled (I need distractions!). I've never read the books (well, read a few pages while browsing at Borders but ended up buying City of Bones instead - which turned out to be another teen novel), and preferred James (muy caliente!) over Edward in the first movie.

But this actually looks good.

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Lisa said...

The trailer looks exciting! I haven't read the books either but I loved the first movie.