Friday, June 5, 2009

I Got Something Done!

Yup, I actually got to spin an entire yarn in 5 days! It's from my Fae kettle dyed roving that I stole from the shop and then spun into a not-so-thin single, before navajo-plying the entire thing to produce 210 DK-weight yards! I think it's going to be a manly hat, don't you think?

I also got some beautiful fiber! Two days ago, my Sac friends, Sherri and Craig, came down here for an interview/evaluation for Craig to get a kidney transplant (and we think we have problems!).

Craig has Alport Syndrome, a genetic disorder that manifests early in males and later for females. It has something to do with the cell membrane lining around the ears, eyes and the kidneys that do not develop correctly and thus create scar tissue which, if you're a kidney and need to filter just about everything for the body to work right - you can't because the cells have scarred up to the point that no filtration of whatever-stuff-the-kidney-filters ever is filtered - just about renders the kidney unable to work.

Anyway, when I was in Sacramento last year, Craig drove me to this awesome store - Rumpelstilskin - and exercising a rare feat of self-control, I left there with only a skein of hand painted yarn. No roving, no wheel! Well, Craig brought Sherri there before their trip down here and she said the moment she ran her hands on the baby camel fiber, she was hooked.

Craig was eyeing the huge bag of fleece actually but wasn't sure if I could process raw fleece or not (I do! I do!). This is one divine set of fibers! I just love it and can't wait to start spinning it - maybe ply them together and then knit a scarf with it! What do you think?

Today I got to dye a small batch of 4 ounces of romney fiber that Fiberfreek had given me last year. I added a dollop of silk noils and now they're currently drying. I also got to give some merino I had lying around that still had a coat of lanolin on it a good soaking. It's drying, too! I can't wait to card it, or even try spinning it directly!

By the way, in case you haven't heard, June 13 is WORLDWIDE KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY, otherwise known as WWKIPD! If you happen to be in Southern California, come on over to El Dorado Park (off Spring Street and Studebaker Road) by the archery range and join us for a beautiful day knitting, spinning, and hanging out with friends! Last year, someone even brought a young alpaca named Seven!

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