Thursday, April 9, 2009

Twilight Knitting

Yep, I actually knitted something useful!

I knitted this hat using some of my novelty yarn spun from Homestead Wool and Gift Farm fiber and banana fiber (the green yarn) while watching the dvd "Twilight" last night. Since I can't knit and watch a movie at the same time, I ended up having to watch the movie again this morning and I have to say, the darn movie (and Robert Pattinson*) grew on me!

I've never read the books but now I'm curious to see how someone who had never written anything before simply woke up from such a vivid dream of a boy and a girl talking in the woods (and he glowed) and couldn't stop writing till she captured the essence of that dream. Reminds me of a dream I once had over five years ago which involved Chris Noth and I sitting under a tree bedecked with ribbons - and he was pregnant! Talk about dream interpretation, right? That scene sure is ripe for it!

Anyway, finally got my spindle-spun yarn for the Celebrate challenge on Rav's Spindlers group all soaked and dry!

Bellarosa 2-ply handspun. I ended up with 204 yards. Not bad. However, I'm taking some time off the drop spindling...this was a fast spin, and next time I really should just spin on my wheels.

ETA: Now, Cam Gigandet's James has grown on me, too!


Lisa said...

What a cute hat! I love it!

Cosset said...

the movie grew on me, too, but the books are addictive! if you're interested in writing, you should read the first one at least - people diss on her, but i think she captured emotional worlds really effectively.

adorable hat, btw

Bee said...

Love the hat!

I just finished book 4 of the series after watching the movie and getting hooked (and on Edward too). Enjoyable overall...I would also suggest the True blood series and books, altho they are on a totally different radar. I wouldn't say Meyer is the best...she's alright. Nothing compared to Anne Rice that's for sure.:)

Velvet said...

Thank you!

I'm waiting for my friend Nancy to give me her set of books since she told me to wait till I see her again. Since taxes are done, now I have time to read them all :)