Friday, April 17, 2009

Guess I'm Getting Better At This...

I'm getting buried beneath a pile of handspun yarns - vanilla yarn, novelty yarn, art yarn (that often makes me scratch my head, wondering, "Now what did I have in mind for that...thing?"), you name it - it's spilling out of every nook and cranny in our little house.

So this morning, I figured that I might as well get started knitting something. So I knit this hat, added some green banana silk yarn (you'll see a lot of that in the future since that's all the banana silk yarn I got - all green!) to it so I could complete a hat.

It's a funky hat spun from some handspun yarn that was carded using my leftover fiber from various carding sessions. So it's called CrazySpunSpring Hat. It is pretty wild - too wild that I had my model wear it for the photo shoot since me sans makeup on a Friday off wasn't about to grace the pages of the world wide web with it.

Anyway, I've managed to spin a little the last few days. I bought some pretty nice roving from Enchanted Knoll Farm and without photographing it first, started stripping it and then spinning it. I tried to time myself each time - and I guess I can guesstimate that spinning 260 yards of 2 ply fingering weight yarn took me about 4 hours total. For me to calculate my hourly rate would be depressing so let's just say that I had fun spinning it and that's that.

Right now it's currently drying so maybe tomorrow, I'll have it within sight of the camera lens.

Also, remember that yellow roving I overdyed? Well, I forgot that I hadn't posted a pic of it but it didn't come out too bad, Jamie - here it is:

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