Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vintage Find

Don't ask me why, when I should be destashing stuff, I'm bringing in more stuff into the house instead. This week, in addition to my wonderful haul in books, I also got myself a free printer and a whole bag of brand new, unopened ink cartridges for said printer, from someone on Freecycle. The printer doesn't work, just as she said, but there's about 10 boxes of unopened ink cartridges, so I'm happy.

Today after spending a lazy morning in bed with my coffee and laptop, Leo and I headed to his parents' house for his mother's birthday party. Their idea of a party is short and sweet. Chat a little bit, eat, maybe chat a little bit more, and then less than 2 hours later, everyone is out ladened with goodies. Not a bad deal, I tell you. Happens every time.

On the way home, I stopped by the bead store to get some bead caps for a few drop spindles I'm making (none of them fit, of course) and then at the thrift store just a few blocks from me.

As I browsed, the owner asked me if I was in the market for a sewing machine. In reality, I'm not. I already have a Kenmore that's about 18 years old and I've sewn many a pillow, curtain, hot pack, a few pairs of those cool 'pajama' pants, and Ren Faire outfits on it without ever once oiling it (maybe that's why it's all seized up and out of commission, eh?) and a hand-me-down Singer form Leo's sister. Who needs another sewing machine?

Apparently, I do.

So like a smart woman in search of a bargain, and that next treasure to live in my home, I said, SURE! So he drags out this little thing. Not too impressive, huh?

Weighs about 40 pounds. So he opens the case and out comes this gorgeous vintage piece of Italian machinery that screamed at me, "Take me!" We talked price and settled for a whopping...get this, $30. I had no idea what a Necchi is but it sounded Italian to me, so I whipped out the cash and bought it.

Turns out that I scored myself a vintage Italian Necchi BU Nova, which does both straight and zigzag stitches. Prompt research states that Necchi BU Novas were built in 1955 and with proper TLC (like oiling it regularly), it should run forever!

Necchi ads even featured the young Sophia Loren. I still think she's one of the most beautiful women in the world, btw.

And because I'm getting older and can't remember crap, I found a parts label guide, and this threading guide just in case...

I also picked up a set of unused Knifty Knitter looms (those round ones they sell at Michael's) for $3, and for an extra 50 cents, a roll of fabric that my handspun, handknit purse has been waiting for as a lining! A match made in heaven!

I'm planning on using the looms for my bulky handspun - and see what I come up with it. I used to have these same ones, including wonderlooms, long looms, the "authentic knitting loom", you-name-it-I-probably-had-it-loom, but I destashed them all on eBay one day and got some pretty bucks for them, too! And to get this set for $3 - it was simply a buy I couldn't resist. I had actually been contemplating getting one when I was at JoAnn's last week - thank goodness I waited.

Alright, enough rambling - I'm off to play with my new toys!

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velmalikevelvet said...


Our thrift stores think everything older than 1992 is a freakin' antique, and charge accordingly. Those looms would be $3-6, easily. EACH. Don't want to even speculate on the Necchi!

Good scores!