Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Neurons Are Taking A Break...

Yup...my finals are over! I didn't do as well as well as I thought (overconfident there for a second) since I didn't look over my Reproduction notes at all. And at least 25 questions were about reproduction...so, even though I may have done well in Digestion and Urinary systems, as well as Acid-Base balances...25 answers out of 113 doesn't sound too good right now.

BUT! The semester is still over and I haven't been this excited for classes to be over in a very long time. I can't wait to spin and knit, that's why. Besides, there's this whole Christmas thing to do...I'm running out of time here.

Anyway, I've been knitting very slowly the last few days. Knitting and studying do not go together - you get far in the knitting part, but definitely not far enough in the studying part. In the knitting department, I've been working on a diagonal scarf with my handspun Gallica:

I wish I would have alternated it with some other yarn. It's getting a tad boring - and I can definitely see a difference in the weight of my own handspun from one skein to another since Gallica has two skeins. Oh well...

Now that class is over, I can now concentrate on work since my practice has sorta dropped off the face of the earth since I went back to school, and started spinning and knitting in earnest. Now I can return to the normal scheduled programming and with the impending holidays, I can now cram a lot of gift knitting into the schedule as well.

Yesterday I got a few surprises in the mail, and one of them was this pretty cool fiber from Homestead Wool and Gift Farm. It's a pound of "Cool Beans" fiber and since I don't have a drum carder yet (I keep buying wheels and drop spindles instead of dropping that said money onto a drum carder) and have only a set of hand cards, I carded a few buns out of it, as well as two little buns of Sandy's bag of random fiber:

Cool Beans Picked Fiber

Carded into little buns and sitting in their little basket...

I can't wait to start spinning them as soon as I card enough, maybe 4 - 6 ounces or so. I also got a few flyers to test from a spinning wheel maker I am not naming just yet, and so far, I'm loving all of them.

Which is just another reason I need to spin a bit more, eh?

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