Monday, December 22, 2008

A Day With Friends

There's nothing like a day spent with good friends.

After dropping off some gift certificates for clients by my office, I headed to Orange County to pick up my Sac friends so we can just hang out.

We went to Cerritos for some Filipino food for lunch, then headed out to L.A. where Sherri could buy her monthly supply of Thai herbal massage balls from my supplier. The rain was not about to stop us in our quest for those balls...

After finding out that Jen had never been to SoCal before today, it would have been a crime to simply head back for home (Sherri had a cold) when we were less than five miles away from the Hollywood Sign!

So off we went, up Franklin and Beachwood Drive then by this little perch that overlooks the Hollywood Reservoir and then when you turn around, you get a wonderful backdrop of the sign up above. Not one of them had brought a camera, but I did, and so I shot a few of Craig surveying the Hollywood Reservoir -

Then I lined them up in front of the camera using the sign as the backdrop, then turned around again and took a few shots of the reservoir against the late afternoon sun.

Not bad.

Now I need to plan out my itinerary for Friday called L.A. In A Day! We gotta give the girls a tour, don't you think?

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