Monday, November 3, 2008


Just some images I took from Southern California Handweaving Guild "Weaving and Fiber Festival" held yesterday in Torrance. I got there early to help Nancy out at her booth, Custom Handweaving and had tons of fun! Where there's fiber, there's always fun, right? And there were lots and lots of fiber!

And some beautiful yarn.

I also got to spin a Mach 1 spinning wheel by SpinOlution, which Oona's boothmate brought with her. It was owned by Janice Rosema, whose work I've seen on Etsy.

It is an interesting spinning wheel - treadles are pretty sensitive, which makes treadling quite easy, and it has no orifice hook or flyer hooks to worry about - so if you're spinning bulky or novelty art yarns, nothing will get caught in flyer hooks as you're spinning. You can also spin lace yarn with it, by criss-crossing the yarn across the flyer pegs. And the bobbin is huge! You could put up to 5 oz or more on it, if you wanted to! Definitely great for art yarns!

I guess my only drawback is that after five minutes of treadling, I felt the strain on my thighs. And although I could have leaned back, it meant that my short legs couldn't reach forward to treadle. But maybe if I got a lower height chair, it would work out better.

I met Paula of Crochet Fashion, who crochets awesome fitted dresses and even wedding dresses! She was interested in spinning and had her heart set on a Kromski Sonata. Her husband came in to check out the spinning wheels and I just love Partners In Support of Fiber Addicted Significant Others (PISFASO)! I so want to learn how to crochet like Paula!

Speaking of the Sonata, it is a pretty good wheel, and I love the 'old world' look of it. Thank goodness I'm back to my senses about getting new wheels (not at this time!) and know that I'd rather focus on a) getting more fiber to spin on my two wheels, and 2) begin knitting all that yarn I've spun!

I also got to meet Bee! She came by laden with yummy fibery purchases and I'm sure she will have lots of fun in the weeks to come! She is such a doll, too! I can't wait to meet her again at the Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild meet this month! I hear they're bringing different types of fiber for members to spin on, and it will definitely be a learning experience for me.

A few people from Long Beach Stitch'n Beach knitting group did drop by as well during the mad rush at around noon. All in all, it was a wonderful fibery filled day. Who knows? Maybe next year, I'll even do SOAR since it will be in Oregon!

Jamie dropped by early in the day to say hello. He and his partner were on their way to the Brewery Art Walk in L.A. afterwards and I couldn't wait to to see them there! Of course, it didn't help that when I got there I realized that I had left my phone at the festival and didn't have any way to get in touch with them.

But do you know the best thing yet to happen? When I got home, Leo cooked two of my favorite Filipino dishes! Monggo soup and Chicken and Pork Adobo! Not only that - he actually followed recipes to the letter! Yum!

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Bee said...

It was so fun to meet you! I forgot to take my camera, so no photos. (How useless am I?) Funny, I too am considering SOAR since it'll be west coast next year and I've been wanting to go up to Oregon. I was also looking at Madrona Fiber Fest up in Seattle. Hehee...fiber overload!
And my fave filipino dish, nilaga (?) except i've given up most meats for now. ooh..and i love kare kare...