Friday, November 7, 2008

If Only I Could Spin All Day...

They say the recession is now upon us and already news that greeted me this morning was about the unemployment standing at a 14-year high. Sigh...

So what does one do?


This was Leo's blend of some wool and angelina glitz, which I had christened Watermelon Swirls. Now that I've spun it, I've decided to call it Melon Swirls. Leo says it reminds him of Christmas, but I can't get the thought of Icee drinks out of my head everytime I see it.

I've also gotten around to spin some of my Crosspatch Creations' Little Lassie colorway, and this time, added some red cotswold locks at Leo's suggestion.

"It's too boring," he said. "You need to add some visual impact to it."

And so he suggested red. He knows the color wheel more than I do. I still need to pull my color wheel out and turn the wheels from one end to the other - and still I don't know what colors go with what the best.

Well, here's the "updated" Little Lassie colorway, now called 'Smores:

With wonderful weekend weather coming up (regardless of the worsening economic situation), what are your plans?

I'm probably going to spin some of the beast roving I got from Nancy last weekend, as well as dye a few more yards of roving from my Sheep Shed Studio shipment.

I am getting down to the wire with all the mill ends, and now I have a few pounds left of gray which Leo says I really can't dye quite well. But i'm probably going to try - or maybe just card it and then spin enough for a sweater or something.

Right now after spinning so much on my single-treadle Fricke the last few days, I started spinning some Romney pencil roving that Jamie gave me last month on the Julia. Since my Fricke is a single treadle, spinning on a double treadle was such a relief last night and early this morning.

Double treadle is perfect for some yarns, like the ones I've been spinning lately - according to my WPI tool, it's called worsted - but for my novelty bulky yarns, the single treadle is perfect because it makes me so conscious of the fact that I have to spin slowly. Unfortunately, the bobbin size is too small for bulky yarns.

Looks like I need another wheel...(however we're not going there)


Bee said...

Nice handspuns. I esp love your Melon Swirls handspun...really pretty. It looks nice and squishy. As for the weekend, my plans are to lay low. It was a busy week this week, so I have lots of catching up to do in my is top priority. Spinning is another plan too for me. Working on the fiber sampler I picked up at WeFF. Have a great weekend!

Velvet said...

Thank you! It's hanging out to dry right now and it does look so yummy! I can't believe what a great job leo did in blending it with all that angelina - but I am now a new convert to tons of bling in my yarn!