Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spinning All Day and Night

Leo has been spinning on the Julia, thanks to Jamie's gift of soft-as-cloud Jacob fleece from a sheep named Truman. I spun a bit with it, showing Leo how easy it is to spin pre-drafted roving.

When it was his turn, he simply sat down and spun. And spun. And spun. He basically spun till there was no more room left on the bobbin. Then he stopped and complained that his shoulders and neck hurt.

Now we know what type of roving he much prefers to spin, and I'm sure I'll be getting more for our stash in the near future.

This one literally flew off his fingers and he can't wait to spin another bobbin-full and eventually ply both together. Who knows? Maybe he'll even volunteer to learn how to knit!

Today, I spent a fun afternoon at LisCat with Jamie and friends. It was such fun, and I had to peel myself away so I could return home and cook some dinner. Besides, after all that spinning, and talking and some knitting...then more spinning, talking and knitting, I was hungry!

Thanks, Jamie! When can we do it all over again????

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fiberfreek said...

Glad Leo liked the for the sore neck etc.....RELAX! It's supposed to be FUN! YOU GO MAN!
When can we do it again? I'm at LisCat every Wednesday afternoon!!
I'm really enjoying our fiber time!