Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pretty In Pink

Let me introduce you to my second successful tam! I could have made it longer but I was afraid I'd run out of yarn and so I finished it according to the original plan. Leo says it looks perfect and I love it.

This is made using the mystery handspun I won at WWKIP Day at El Dorado Park this year. I swear sometimes it felt like dryer lint was included in it, but in the end it turned out great. It's really thick and warm! Perfect for the fall.

Which reminds me...wasn't this morning just gorgeous??? Reminds me of a perfect fall morning, with its crisp fresh air and that slight chill in the air. I love love fall.

I restarted spinning Yarnzombie's Every Little Thing batt last night. Guess who buried herself under its softness!

Poor Truffles...or rather, lucky Truffles - all snug in her woolen mixed batt.

Yesterday while browsing at Borders, I found The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I've heard about the book vaguely but it wasn't until I turned it over and read the description and I was immediately hooked. Vampires? I'm in!

On the spinning front, I haven't been spinning as much as knitting tams and hats, but last night, I set about to spin the batt I got from YarnZombie. I plied it with gold embroidery thread I found at LisCat and for a minute there I had no idea what I was doing. It takes practice to spin bulky yarn and even this isn't that bulky - but I think I succeeded.

Gallica. 54 yards

I miss spinning fine yarns...

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The Gravelcat said...

The handspun yarns look so LUXE. No wonder you're so addicted. I see your hubby has got the spinning bug too, what fun to do things you love together!

Love the photo with your dog :) Truffles - even the name is enrobed with luxury, haha :)