Sunday, October 26, 2008

All the Pretty Colors

Thought I'd open my post today with something I found while surfing:

Interesting, huh? I found this on a rug website, a link I can't find at the moment, but it is very educational, that's for sure.

But before I proceed, some bad news: I threw my back out two Fridays ago, and had to take a break off work for a week (which coincidentally, should have been the time for me to study for my midterms in Physiology). I was in denial for about 2 days, thinking This can't happen to me! I'm a massage therapist, for crying out loud.

But unlike the stages of grief, which begins with Denial, I jumped right into the stage of: Acceptance. Hey, I am not getting younger, you know, and Thai Yoga can get pretty hard on your body (not if you exercise, do yoga, eat healthy - which I don't really do anymore these days - I'm too busy spinning and knitting). But there have been more and more days when I think that the fire has gone out in that department...but that's pain talking so I'm going to move along.

When I returned to work this Friday, I saw only two people - which was enough for me. But as the weekend speeds along, I'm finding that maybe the back pain could be a symptom of something else - like the flu or something, since my joints ache continually until I pop a few Motrin. Not good for someone who prefers homeopathic remedies and stuff. I even missed the Greater Los Angeles Spinning Guild yesterday - something I've been looking forward to for months!!! I had been hoping to meet Bee there and maybe check out her Majacraft Pioneer wheel, too. I swear I'm gonna be all cheesed out after all the whining I've been subjecting Leo to!

However, for the good news...I have been busy!

I finished knitting up another slouch hat although this one is meant for a child because a) I used a smaller needle than required and b) I ran out of handspun yarn. But it looks quite interesting. This was my handspun from Copperpot's Beyond the Realm roving:

Now if it had come out just perfect for, let's say, me - then it would have been modeled excellently by "Amanda" my new model-in-residence. Here she is modeling my Don't Be A Slouch hat, and a scarf (well I can't very well have her hanging out in the house naked to begin with!). I think Amanda and I will get along just fine...

I've been meaning to post this photo of a cute drop spindle that Jamie gave me a few weeks ago. It's such a cute lady bug drop spindle and although the dowel is just too light and makes it top heavy, and thus harder to produce a decent spin, it's adorable! Here she is, spinning some carded merino - and she seems be doing quite well.

Yesterday was spent knitting up another slouch using something from my stash, Moda Dea Tweedle Dee in Sagebrush originally meant for hand warmers for my friend Tsuya. However as I knitted away and was on the 11th row of stockinette past the ribbing, I found the end of the yarn. Turns out that although the handwarmer didn't work out, instead of frogging it, I probably simply cut the offending piece (I'm sure it wasn't - just my over-achieving and perfectionist twin not liking it) and threw the remaining ball of yarn into the stash. So now I'm searching for another ball of Sagebrush to complete my slouchy hat!

One thing I did notice is that although I have also lived in Long Beach close to three years now, I still don't know where places are. I could not find a Joann's if my life depended on it - but I can drive you anywhere you need to go in the South Bay still! In fact, that's where I'm shopping for the yarn tomorrow after work!

Today's agenda - have some brunch after Leo wakes up, then head over to the Pantages to see Wicked! If only Kristin Chenoweth were still playing the Glinda...

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Bee said...

I love your handspun knit berets!!! They look fantastic! I haven't gotten around to using any of my handspun yet. I hope you're feeling better and enjoyed Wicked.