Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Weekend In the Mountains

Thai reflexology points on the footThis past weekend was just what I needed. After experiencing lots of stress brought on by finances, in-laws, and the like, it was time for me to take the weekend off and fly off to Sacramento where I would meet up with some old friends, catch up with their lives, and then together we'd head off to the the Sierra Nevadas - mainly Nevada City (which is still in California, and not in Nevada state) - where we'd take a Thai foot massage class with my old teacher "Mama Lek" and her son, Jack.

We had a cottage at Piety Hill, an old bed and breakfast a brisk walk from town and just over the bridge. There were 4 of us, although the first night there, it was only Sherri and myself. She took over the main bedroom and me being the usual late sleeper, took over the daybed and the remote in the living room.

Meeting Mama Lek was just awe-inspiring. She remembered me, primarily because she remembered "Baby Boy" - a boy I had fallen for four years back, and who, I'd like to believe as everyone else does - had taken a liking for me, too, back then, which was why we were inseperable when she first met us. Heck, Mama Lek had "blessed" us together and invited us to visit her in Chiangmai where she said she'd cook for him (Please note: "for him"...but then, Mama Lek likes her baby boys).

Master Teacher Jack Chaiya & VelvetMeeting Jack was fun. He mistook me for someone who had studied with him in Thailand and later on, recognizing his mistake, simply smiled and said "Korp Kun Krup" which means thank you in Thai. The next two days was a blast.

Learning from him is very inspiring, and being around my old teachers, Janice of Spirit Winds who hosted the Thai teachers included, provided such a needed respite from the usual humdrum existence in the big city.

Lilly watching the paradeThis particular weekend was Constitution Day for Nevada City as well, which meant that Sunday from 12:30 - 4:30, Broad Street was reserved for the parade.

Luckily for me, I was seated by the window and it was nice to see Mama Lek and Jack take time out to watch the parade and ask me to take pictures for them. And of course, Lilly would sneak past me to the window and take a peek herself...

I just had to bring my drop spindle...It was just nice to get away. But I did bring my knitting, and my drop spindle, which I used to spin some of my Crosspatch Creations Tamany's Prize. I was able to spin a bit while in Sacramento and a bit more while at the bed and breakfast while the girls partook their own libations in the room (I passed on that one).

Sherri gifted me with two balls of yarn (Lion Brand Homespun), a pair of wooden size 10 needles and the book "Stitch and Bitch" which she had bought in an attempt to learn how to knit about 4 years earlier. Of course, black yarn isn't exactly the best color to learn with - I should know. I tried to teach her how to knit four years earlier. But her loss was my I'm not complaining.

And oh, yes! I found Rumpelstilskin, the LYS of Sacramento! Sherri's husband was patient enough to drive me there and even he was amazed at the spinning wheels and tons of yarn available for sale, or just for viewing. I left with some handpainted yarn that I plan to knit into a shawl...a remembrance of the time that Craig and Sherri were patient enough to allow me to talk about spinning and knitting...and even take me to a LYS!

DoyleIn Sacramento, I stayed at Ruben's, an old friend from whom Sherri and Craig rent a room from. It's a nice house and he is owned by a very very hyper Doyle, who I think is a pug.

He loves his ball and he so loves even more, any human who will throw his ball for him. I was willing to do so...until gobs of slob flew off the ball the nth time I threw it for him. Eeeeew! That was it for Doyle and I. But we're still friends...

All in all, it was something I really needed, and definitely a short short vacation. But for now it will do. I'm due for another visit, maybe longer. Maybe Leo can meet me up there for the weekend, after arriving there a few days ahead to spend time with Janice and Lilly. He's never been, and it's a good excuse to get out of the big city.

Nevada City Weekend

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