Monday, September 15, 2008


For a living, I am a massage therapist, specializing in traditional Thai massage and reflexology. I do find myself still doing a lot of Swedish-based table work with established clients, but my passion lies in traditional methods of healing.

I've studied with some wonderful and amazing teachers and try to take or retake classes and workshops with them, as well as with other new people (at least they're new to me). I try to maintain relationships with all my teachers for they help me be who I am today.

Two of those teachers are Janice Vitavec of Spirit Winds School of Thai Massage, and "Mama Lek" Chaiya of Nerve Touch School in Chiangmai, Thailand. After almost 3 - 4 years of not seeing them and just either emailing or calling, or in Mama Lek's case as she is officially retired - communicating via her son, Maew, I finally got to spend time with them again. It was brief and hectic, but it was time just the same - time spent with the teachers who showed me the way.

At this particular meeting Mama Lek brought her other son, Jack, who has taken over her healing practice and it was wonderful to see him. Each morning, Jack led the prayer and in the afternoon, he led the closing prayer.

If you're remotely interested at how the morning prayer honoring Father Shivago Komarpaj, the "Father of Thai Medicine", sounds like, click below:

This is the closing prayer:

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