Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Spinning Away

I've been spinning fiber the last few days and it's been pretty fun and exciting. I am getting used to spinning on my drop spindles - a bottom whorl from Maine Woods and a top whorl from Ashford. I do have a preference for my bottom whorl though although I have been using the CD spindles quite a lot, too, especially to spin the Wilberry Colonial fiber and plying the singles into this:

After I got done plying the Wildberry Colonial, I then started spinning this Iris roving until I had a copfull of fiber on my bottom whorl. I kept going and going and going, and after washing it in cool water and drying it in the shade yesterday, I ended up with another skein of pretty cool yarn that's ready to knit! I'm thinking of making a bag with this one. I don't know yet how much I have as I forgot to measure it yesterday.

Needless to say, not much knitting has been going on though...

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The Gravelcat said...

Hi Liz,

What delicious-looking yarn! *Inggit*
What a lovely thing to be making!