Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Goings On

Not much has been going on in the knitting front. Work got very busy and because I was using my hands a lot, whether doing chair massages at grad nights, or doing some reflexology sessions, or teaching Thai Yoga for 2 straight days during the heat wave here in SoCal, spinning and knitting sort of took a back seat so I could give my hands a break.

By Monday, however, I was spinning again, and knitting. I've been knitting an afghan with some Lion Brand Homespun yarn from my stash using a Feather and Fan pattern. Just a general pattern, nothing fancy. I've been giving yarn away on Freecycle that I finally decided that instead of giving away more brand new balls of yarn, either I might as well sell them, or make something with them.

I haven't exactly turned into a yarn snob yet.

I have been surfing the web a lot though looking for deals on used spinning wheels. After purchasing my first two drop spindles, then making a few CD spindles - and using them - I figured it was time to shop around for a spinning wheel.

But they are expensive! I can't believe how expensive these things are! I've looked at how they work and wonder what the big deal is all about. Maybe I don't know enough about wheels to know the difference though, but spending $500 and up for a wheel is just a tad too extravagant for me right now.

I have checked out the Babe PVC wheel, and wondered if I could make one with a treadle. I did find a plan online on how to make the Great Wheel, but I want one with a treadle. And I thought about maybe taking some time to design one, but then I found some inexpensive yet pretty good-looking spinning wheels from Heavenly Handspinning, a family business I stumbled upon on Youtube and Etsy.

I don't think I'll be buying one right this minute though. I'd like to spend more time with my drop spindle if I can help it, and maybe find a wheel that I can rent before purchasing one.

It sure can be a scary expensive hobby, can't it?

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