Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Surprises At Every Turn

My visit to the Philippines, after 18 years away, has been filled with many surprises. One of them was finding out that my aunt is a healer! She does reiki, muscle testing, and reflexology (that's as much as I can remember, but certainly enough for me!). I've always known that she's traveled the world, married a European, raised a son who is multilingual - but never would have thought that she was well versed in the alternative healing arts.

This trip has been such a validation for me to pursue my calling - to silence the murmurings of the ego and just let things be. I don't mean sit around and wait for things to happen to me - no, instead, not force the issue. Meditate on the thoughts that come in and out of my busy mind like some kind of freeway that never ends, and not rush on acting on thoughts brought on by the ego.

It isn't as easy to do though...

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