Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thy Evil Twin Doth Cause Me Grief

I must be a true blue Gemini because I'm always of two minds - there's one who wants to do one thing, and the other who just loves to do the exact opposite...or at least distract me.

Take for example, my current educational undertakings. Last year, I decided to return to school to study Anatomy under a teacher I studied from 17 years ago (the same thing - only back then they combined Anatomy AND Physiology)! Most everyone else in the class are pre-nursing, pre-dental hygiene, or pre-kinesiology.

The class was hard but I loved it - the professor, the subject, the stress of the exams...I got a B at the end of the term.

This spring semester found me registered for the same professor's Physiology class (after all, they go together, don't they? They don't call it AP151 for Anatomy and Purling) and while I'm no whiz at Chemistry (our current topic), I know that I can do it. I still love the subject, the professor, and maybe I have to admit, I love the stress it creates in me - a different kind of stress from the regular work stress I often encounter when my practice seems slow, or when I'm bored (unfortunately a Gemini trait - see above).

Which takes me to that other "twin" - the one whose sole purpose is to distract the living daylights out of me...

You? Study? Why not try some knitting! Look at all these wonderful yarn! C'mon, pet it and see! Now, pick up these needles...let's do some cabling today. Yes! Yes!

What?! You want to take up Acupuncture??? And spend 26K??? Are you out of your mind???? Why not a practical nursing program? You'll be an LVN in 18 months and it's only 18K! C'mon, give it a try! You can do it! Acupuncture? Bah! Besides, there's also dentistry...

Er, what are you doing with that vacuum cleaner? What do you mean you're cleaning the house? So what if you can't find the kitchen in this mess? Look! Here's new yarn that arrived from Knitpicks! Aren't they grand? Aren't they luscious??? I even found the perfect pattern for you to!

Well, you know what I mean. I'm not crazy - just very very very easily distracted.

Wish I could blame it on somebody - like an evil Gemini twin I shall call Violeta or Vivian or Doris. But really, I can only blame me.

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