Friday, January 18, 2008

Destashing My Stash

Wow, the new year seems to be speeding along, and now I'm in need to get rid of a few balls of yarn here and there. My yarn storage is busting in the seams so last night I started bagging some yarns that I know I won't be using - yarns I bought when I first started out years ago - and I just about filled 2 bags.

I then offered the bags on Freecycle and within hours, there were spoken for. If you haven't heard of Freecycle, check it out. It's a way to pass on stuff you don't use anymore that you don't necessarily want to give to goodwill or salvation army. Whatever your reasons, it's a great way to share with other people in your area.

One of the women knits and crochets beautiful hats and layette sets for God's Tiny Angels, a group of volunteers who provide for preemies in hospitals.

For a little Truffles treat, here she is receiving a massage from Leo:

Man, life sure is tough...

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