Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some Handspun!

I have actually found some time to spin and although it's not a lot, it's pretty much enough for me right now with a full schedule!  I recently bought a Cricket loom and I'm hoping to find some time to warp my first ever project on it and weave something awesome using my own handspun!

So what yarns did I finish and actually get to take pictures of?  Well, I finally got to spin Pumpkinhaus' awesome "What's your fairy name SAL" complete with feathers and here it is!
 Pumpkinhaus' Fairy Name SAL corespun with feathers!

 A close up of the corespun with feathers

 Hobbledehoy corespun yarn

Even dyed up some colorful wensleydale!

Even managed to knit up a pair of Monkey socks!

Yup, you could say I got to steal a few hours here and there!  And it sure felt good!  I did have one week off from teaching but never got to dye any fibers since I was so busy making up my student manuals for the upcoming class instead.  I can't wait till holiday break!

I did end up selling 2 of my wheels just recently - the need to make more room is getting more dire with each passing day as my little prince needs the room to run around and just play.  With all my fleece and wool and spinning wheels sitting around, or hiding in the closets or in the garage, I had to make a choice and so 1 wheel left for its new home today, and another wheel goes to someone who's never spun on a wheel tomorrow!  I'm very happy that they will be with new owners who can spend time with them and spin tons of yarn with them!

So what wheel do I have left for myself?  Why, it's the Matchless DT - although I just realized I did not put the possessive 'my' in that sentence so it means that it's probably destined to go, too.  I have been considering getting a Fricke DT 160 instead, as I kept the bulky flyer and bobbin for it, and really love that everything I need ratio-wise and portability and bobbin capacity can be found in one wheel without having to change this whorl or that flyer - except for the bulky flyer, that is.  

But for now, it'll be the matchless for awhile.  We both need some spinning to do and besides, I'd rather get myself a new macbook anyway.  The little prince has taken over my iPad.

 At the pumpkin patch having a blast!

 Looking over my shoulder

 A recent pic that's as close to a formal pose as we'll ever get these days!

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