Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And Now We're Weaving!

Yup, I just added a new item on my list of hobbies - weaving!  Specifically triangle loom weaving, that is.

Last Sunday I attended a triloom weaving class with Gale of Weaver's Cupboard and after weaving 2 samples on a 16" loom or so, I decided to get a 48" walnut loom from Gale and upon arriving home, immediately set out to weave my first official shawl.

I picked a handspun yarn from my first forays in spinning.  I think it's from a Crosspatch Creations batt and it has such a lovely luster!  After 2 hours of weaving, and another hour of attaching the fringe, I ended up with this, which I've worn twice already even though it needs a soak:

The following day I started weaving my second shawl using some handspun using Pumpkinhaus fibers as well as another handspun that I carded from Studioloo.  This one probably took me a total of 3 - 4 hours to do and I love it!

I am officially addicted to this!

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