Thursday, June 23, 2011

Has It Been, Like, Forever???

Wow! It's been a long time between blog posts and I can't believe time has just flown by sooooo fast!

Ever since my last post I started teaching more at the college and for my first class I ended up with 23 students which also included tons of stress. Needless to say, most of my spare time has been spent raising my little munchkin of a a baby who is now 17 months old and is climbing everywhere.

>My fiber has been sitting idle although now and the when I actually find some spare time I will find myself spinning a little bit or knitting a little bit. However I haven't been too busy to ignore the stash building aspect of my fiber addiction. I have been stocking up with some fiber from Namaste farms, Funhouse Fibers and Studioloo - to name a few. I even got to attend a few hours of Jacey Boggs' Insubordiknit class during memorial day weekend.

I also got to finally finish a few pieces, most of all my Legolas kerchief that had been destined for a dear friend who passes away from ovarian cancer. I just finished blocking it and will take pictures before I send it on it's way to my dear friend's mother.

I'm in the midst of a crazy teaching schedule in addition to maintaining a private practice and so I've been stocking up on my fiber more than actually spinning it down but I'm optimistic. I may have some down time in the near future and actually get to spin a bit :)

Here's an awesomely soft teeswater tailspun yarn that I spun while back. Love the colors and can't wait to spin some more!

A handspun hand knit shawl I finished from washed Cotswold locks from Sandy of Homestead Wool And Gift Farm.

One of my extreme tailspin yarns that's currently waiting for the right project...

And, oh yes! A new-to-me Schacht Matchless wheel that has come to live at my house. Were currently trying to establish a working relationship at the moment and so far were doing okay :)

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