Thursday, November 12, 2009

Purple Yam Tam

It's corny, I know, but with the hat on its way to Sacramento for this Sunday's dance/dinner/silent auction event, it didn't come with the mannequin so hopefully, this little "poster" can be printed and presented along with the tam!

This was actually destined for my etsy shop and had already been added but then I remembered that the event was this Sunday! Me and my mommy brain...

The event is to help my friend's husband raise money towards his upcoming kidney transplant. He's been waiting for 17 years and now it's so close that he (and we) can taste it! Unfortunately, out-of-pocket expenses are in the $30k range and so they have to raise money to help him with the costs, especially the ones associated AFTER the operation since he has to stay close to the hospital here in Los Angeles for about 3 months while he recuperates and gets his body all acclimated to the donor kidney.

Oh the things we take for granted, eh?

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