Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life Musings

It's been one interesting week so far.

On Monday my best friend announced on FB (it was the only way to do an announcement to everyone without having to be on the phone with each and every person) that her baby sister was killed instantly in an accident in Portland (she was crossing a crosswalk with her roommate and a car didn't stop) while her roommate remains in critical condition. I remember Lindsay, her baby sister, as a little girl so bubbly and happy and although I have lost contact with her since she moved to Portland for college, my memories of her are always of one smiling happy kid.

To see my friend so devastated is equally devastating and although today is the memorial in Portland, I elected to stay and wait till my friend comes back. When she's ready to talk, I'll be there.

Such things remind me of how life is so fragile and how important it is to make a choice on how to live your life from day to day. My friend Pam who's battling stage 4 ovarian cancer is always smiling, always positive even though she's lost her hair and has found out that the cancer has metastasized to her lymph nodes. She refuses to hear anyone say anything negative and I am so proud of her. She greets me with a smile in person or over the phone - even her emails bear her always positive disposition.

So I hope to face each day with a smile and positive vibrations, although sometimes it's not as easy as it looks. But it truly is. So business is slow - there are so many things that the universe has given me to do and be prosperous. Sometimes we have to simply remove the negativity to allow the positive to enter.

So...what else is new? Well, we're painting the nursery. Leo already finished painting the backdrop - blue for the sky, brighter blue for the horizon and green for the grass. Next up is adding some whimsical animals freeform. So far we've come up with this mural as inspiration.

I don't plan on adding every single thing onto our walls, but we definitely love the colors and the spirit it brings!

I'm also busy knitting. Since my drumcarder is out of commission and I've managed to destash most of my fiber last month and of course, these days, I'm asking myself - why on earth did I do that? I've figured that I might as well be knitting some little things for my etsy shop or for the holidays, as well as a prayer shawl for my friend Laura.

Then there's also the spinning. I still have two jazzturtle batts to corespin as well as a few more colorful roving to spin into bulky yarn for some upcoming projects.

So basically I'm busy :)

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