Monday, November 16, 2009

All That Sugar's Not Good For Ya

Well, it's official - I have gestational diabetes - a type of diabetes that develops when one is pregnant. That's when hormones cause everything to go haywire and before you know it, you're peeing too much and drinking too much water (among other things).

This week started with the first 2 doctor visits out of 6 - first to a diabetic educator who gave me my glucose testing meter and educated me about diabetes and a little bit about my diet. Now I need to keep an eye on carbohydrate counts on everything I eat. I also have to test my blood 4 times a day - first thing in the morning before I eat anything, then 1 hour after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So today she tested my blood before lunch and it came out an impressive 87 or something - which made me really happy. "Anything under 130," she said. Then I stopped by at Yoshinoya for lunch before my next appointment at my OB's office, and an hour later, figured, hey, I need to test my blood sugar.

Guess what?! A small bowl of Yoshinoya's beef bowl netted me 269 (what the hell happened to that target 130? Not even close!)! Wowzer! Guess I should have heeded the dietician about portion control - even the small Yoshinoya bowl is huge in diabetic standards, I guess - especially when my rice portion should only be 1/3 cup.

So off I went to my OB and the ultrasound showed a normal sized babykins with (upon second look) a slighlty enlarged left kidney - which will then take me to another more specialized office to do another ultrasound on Wednesday! Keep fingers crossed that maybe little Lucas just hadn't peed yet - that's why it was big. One can only hope.

So tomorrow is a blood test, Wednesday the specialized ultrasound, Thursday the dietitian and Friday the endocrinologist and the OB! Even the woman on the other line at the ultrasound office asked, "Well, what day ARE you free?"

I've never had this many doctor visits in one day, much less a month or a year to be precise. But they said that since I belong to a "high risk group" it's better to be safe than sorry.

So, in other news, I got to hang out with spinners and knitters yesterday at LisCat and Janice's hubby took my vintage wheel home to test drive and tweak till next week. We'll see what he comes up with. Thank goodness I'm not too attached to that wheel! I still have my trusty ol' Fricke ST-160 at home, although right now it's in the garage while we continue working on the bedroom and nursery with carpeting and painting.

I also finished the scarflette - actually finished it and attached the buttons, that is. It helps to find the button bin - which had been sitting in front of me all this time but I had it in my head that all my buttons had been in some tin cans that, when I did find them, were empty. The scarflette is pretty simple - knit in brioche stitch.
But I've been knitting though - right now I'm working on a few projects at the same time - a handspun cowl in simple knit-4-rows-then-purl-4-rows design to show off the yarn, the knitting board scarflette that needs a new skein of yarn to be attached before I can finish it - maybe tomorrow I can get a skein and finish it, and then there's the baby surprise jacket that's tucked away in my knitting bag that's tucked away in some corner.

Staying home has been driving me batty - my practice is slow right now with clients holding off seeing me since I am huge and they swear that I look like I can deliver any day! I'm still in my 7th month (29 weeks to be exact) but I'm all belly, as some people have said. The sonographer said that I look big because the baby's breech (head up) so the head is up along the upper right hand quadrant, which makes me really stick out at the moment.

I don't have any idea how long I can work and already two of my regular (annual) onsite massage corporate clients have been calling to schedule me for December - 3 days for one (4 hours a day), and 2 days (4 hours a day) for another. Leo's adamant about me not working anymore by then and I'm pretty disappointed because those jobs net me a pretty nice $1400 paycheck.

While I may really want to do it, I don't know how comfortable receivers will be when they see me workin straight for 4 hours though, even with a break in between. Then there are the bathroom breaks and cankles...hmmm, I'm stumped. What do you think?

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