Monday, August 3, 2009

Some Spinning, Some Knitting...Some Music

No pictures yet, but I have been knitting the past few days - although my attention span is such that I do a few rows, get sleepy and put it aside...for a few days.

However, thanks to Jamie's invitations to spin with some wonderful people at my favorite LYS, LisCat, on Sundays, I've started spinning!

On the bobbin right now is some Crosspatch Creations' Little Lassie which I had promised to spin, like 6 months ago, for my friend Tsuya's birthday. Well, turns out her birthday is TODAY and so this yarn is going to be totally late.

But I'm making headway - probably just another half ounce to go and then I'm off to navajo ply it, give it a warm soak and then once dry, it'll be on its way along with a belated birthday card to New Mexico!

I'll definitely post pictures later - turns out that since I always took pictures of my fiber and yarns on the floor...with my 4 month belly, it's not that easy to get up and down off the floor so I have to get creative with a table on the patio on a nice cool day. However with temps still in the 80's outside, you won't be seeing me out in the open yet - maybe after 5 or something...

I just discovered this nice live video on youtube of one of my favorite singer-songwriters and just absolutely love love love him!

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