Monday, March 30, 2009

Time For Some Spring Cleaning...

Yup, that's the story of my life.

This weekend, while I was helping my brother move, driving the 14-foot Uhaul truck up and down hills, forwards and backwards (note to self: do not volunteer to drive a truck when you can barely touch the gas pedal without having the steering wheel up against your boobies!), and trying my best to practice compassion after seeing what his roommate had done to some of the furniture in the apartment (can you say 'vandalized'?), Leo was hard at work at home cleaning up and redecorating my office/workshop/stash! He did such a great job that I didn't even recognize the room (yes, it was immaculate!) when I got home and staggered inside.

We still have more moving around to do in the coming months since my son is moving in and we need to get creative in our one-bedroom home to accommodate him (Design on a Dime, anyone?). The bedroom had been extended long before we moved in, and so I actually had the extended section as our bedroom and the original bedroom as my workroom/storage (it happens). Now it's going to be his bedroom and so my stash has to go to the garage, which is now going to be my workroom.

Deep Purple on my Drop SpindleBecause of all the impending moving-around yet to happen, I need to destash a few things. One of them is my oh-so-delicate-Spindlewood-drop-spindle. Don't get me wrong - it isn't that delicate, but to me, it is. It's the most beautiful spindle I own and because of that, it's actually spent most of its time "posing" for drop spindle photos (like the one on the left) and has never ventured outside the house. I usually take my toy wheel spindle when I travel because I'm just too scared to break this pretty thing.

WIP merinoI'm also going to be destashing my large Ashford top whorl drop spindle which I last used in August of last year. I bought it in June, so it's only been used for 2 months because after that I accumulated a series of wheels. These days I have 3 wheels and even from those 3, I have to destash one so we can walk a straight line through the living room.

If someone had warned me just how addictive and potentially stash-liable spinning can be, I probably would have had second thoughts before starting it as a hobby. Already the garage has bins and bins of fiber and other fiber-related "stuff". I can't seem to help it. There's just something about the act of spinning, or actually the operative word is creating, since now I am returning to the arts I used to do - from decoupage to painting! Thank goodness I'm with someone who actually supports me through it.

So in two weeks, I will be desashing stuff - including some commercial yarns and craft books. Then for the rest of the non-craft stuff, it'll be a garage sale. Wish me luck! Somehow like most crafters I know, it's also difficult to let go...

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Anna said...

That's one gorgeous drop spindle!