Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Days

Better late than never, right? Last Christmas all I wanted was to have my son here with me. Didn't happen right away, but it's gonna happen soon enough. Maybe in about two months, we should be together soon. It only took 19 years...

Another thing I wanted for Christmas was a wheel - a certain type of wheel. Sure, it's two months late, but really, who's counting? If I can wait 19 years, what's 2 months, right?

What's small and slanted and has three wheels to turn the flyer? And, I hear they're not being made anymore?

Why, it's Louet's S45! Anyway, here she is - making her debut on my blog after making her appearance on my driveway this morning!

It's got an interesting flyer set up - in that the arms and the yarn guide looks like this. Hmmm....guess this wheel isn't gonna be able to let any fun add-ins go through...

But then who cares when you're an accelerated wheel whose flyer is a mere 20 inches from the floor? Anyway, seriously, I think it's a beautiful wheel. It only has 3 ratios though - I think 1:7, 1:11 and 1:20 or is it 1:19 - 2 less ratios than my hard-working Fricke.

But isn't she a beauty? I still have a give her a name, even though I don't exactly name my wheels. The ones I already have go by "Fricke", and "PVC" - who is giving me problems at the moment.

Anyway, belated or not, it makes for a beautiful 24 hours so far.

And oh, yes, one yarn that I did get to finish last night! This one's called "Last Call..."

Dyed cotswold locks carded with angelina and firestar and then plied with black mill-ends.


jere said...

big congrats on your new wheel! i love that orifice. i haven't heard about how these spin and would love to know how she compares to your fricke and babe since i'm considering all of them (along with others)!

Bee said...

Hooray to seeing your son soon! And lovely wheel! I find wheels so fascinating, even tho I'm not in the market for one and hate to look cos it's soooo tempting.

Jen said...

Wow - love the colors on the yarn, have fun with your new wheel!