Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yet Another Yarn Post

As promised, here's my "Lumberjack Song" handspun all set and dry, and ready for his close-up.

Lumberjack handspun

Lumberjack handspun

Nothing much to write at the moment. Allergies are still plaguing me and I'm still waiting for Claritin to kick in...


ulli said...

i like lumberjack! i go usually more for the romantic,artsy kind ;)

Jen said...

Very Very nice. Quite eclectic!

velmalikevelvet said...

'lumberjack song', hahah! did you spin it for the monty python dealio on ravelry?

i live in lumberjack-land, so i knowz lumberjacks. ;0

thx for your compliment on my 'nicked shaving', and for adding me on handspun collective. xo