Friday, February 13, 2009


Apologies to Jamie, Abraham and Nancy! I totally flaked on all of them this past week!

I was supposed to meet up with Jamie and Abraham on Tuesday at LisCat, and what did I do? I totally forgot about it! I was busy setting up my etsy shop and editing pictures on Photoshop and next thing you know, it's 5 pm and I thought, "Hmm, aren't I supposed to be somewhere?"

Same thing with Nancy and Gwen, who was teaching a "Spinning with Beads" class on Wednesday. After seeing some clients at my office, I figured I had four hours to kill before class started and I so I went up to PV to visit an old friend. She's 94 years old and loves company - and again, next thing I know as I'm parking my car into my own driveway four hours later, I thought, "hmm, aren't I supposed to be somewhere?"

To which I respond (inside my head - although I've been known to talk to myself), "Nah, that's tomorrow."

So, I missed them all and all I have to show for my absence from some socializing is this supercoil yarn called Jungle Boogie. All 15 whopping yards of it!

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fiberfreek said...

You know we love you anyway! Your mind is always going a zillion mph so if you miss an off ramp...we just smile and check your blog to see what new amazing fibery things you've created!

Jamie & Abraham