Sunday, January 11, 2009

Saturday Night Special

Ah, La Luna! (Insert clip of Cher's father-in-law howling at the moon from Moonstruck)

This month features the biggest full moon for 2009 so I tried taking photos of the moon last night with my little Canon - which only probably alarmed the tenant in the front house because it looked like I was taking pictures of her doing the laundry!

However, none of my pictures can hold a candle to my brother's pictures (he's the professional photographer in the family!) which were taken just as the moon was rising in the horizon. So I just had to swipe a few shots from his site and "borrow" them for my blog.

These shots were taken from the Hollywood Hills and he always has awesome views! Oh, to wake up to that view...wouldn't that be great?

Today, while talking to my mother, who's been the recipient of some of my handknitted scarves, I led her to my online photo album of yarns and fiber (which is a FIRST since she has no clue of how to even get online!), and she seemed quite happy. Though she loves the arts and my earliest memories of her involve her doing ceramics, painting, and designing everything in our house to have something purple in it, down to the baseboards and molding - the world of hand spinning and knitting is still something she has no clue about, except that the scarves I make her are either "too short" (feather and fan gets boring after 3 feet), or "faded" (her word for the graduated colors of some Tonalita or Noro).

For some time now, I've been meaning to send her some handspun, handknitted items, but I think that a) the quest for perfection in everything I do and b) disappointment that the item you've just sent someone ends up under-appreciated or not understood sometimes gets in the way of the muse trying to just get out...oh, the pressure!

But I think that in this life, one of my greatest lessons is to simply just let go of perfection and expectations. And as artists and crafters, we all know the drill. We all know how it goes. Which is probably why we do what we do and just create to feed our souls...

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