Friday, December 12, 2008

Sugar and Spice

My cold is still hanging on pretty strong but it won't stop me from spinning for a few hours. So today, I dug up some recently acquired Crosspatch Creations Sugar and Spice batts from Nancy and set about to corespin (on my trusty drop spindle again) for a few hours.

After about 5 hours of watching all about Egyptian pyramids and rulers, bits and pieces of that movie with George Clooney and JLo, and whatever else was on tv (really, not much), as well as breaking for some dinner and dessert, and after it filled up the drop spindle, I had this to show for it:

Sugar and Spice. (I know, I need to be more original) 59 yards

It's not set yet since I plan to do all the hot water soaking and stretching tomorrow when I'm feeling a bit better, but it definitely looks pretty good. I really need to start corespinning on my wheels more than on my drop spindles. I bet it would go a lot faster, too.

In the meantime, here are my two babies sitting with me for a few minutes. My dog sure knows how to pose...

I so need to make a doggie tee that says, She Who Must Be Served.


Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

that turned out gorgeous! I'll need to pick out a Crosspatch batt now to try this on too :-)

Velvet said...

I love the Sugar and Spice batt - it really surprised me since I don't usually pick out pink but while shopping for batts for a swap, my partner loves pink so I thought this would be great.

I ended up spinning something else (still pink) for her and did this one up in corespun for a future project!