Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spun To Distraction

Before the weekend goes all crazy on me (got a friend coming in for the weekend as well as a big outdoor party), I figured I'd post the goings on in the past few days. I had stuff I needed to take care of but instead of doing that (like amending taxes), I completed my first FO since my friend Molly's scarf:

I found the yarn at BigLots and started doing the pattern on the band, but couldn't figure it out, so I made it into a neckwarmer by adding two big buttons.

Then there's the spinning. Yes, I've been busy.

Country Girl

After Midnight

Sugar Plum Fairy

Cowgirls Don't Get The Blues

Not bad for a few days' worth of spinning, eh? I spun most of them late at night, while Leo was watching TV and then dozing off to sleep on the couch. I think most of these, if not all, were also spun on the Joy and plied on the Fricke except Cowgirls Don't Get The Blues. That was spun and plied on the Joy, using the on-board lazy kate as well!

After last month's spinning guild meeting where I got to spin on a heavenly Spindlewood drop spindle (and after I vowed NEVER to spend more than $30 on a drop spindle), this came in the mail today...

And so did Bee's!

As if that wasn't enough eye-candy for one day, after taking pictures of the latest batt from Crosspatch Creations for Nancy's Etsy site, I heart Edgar Allen!

And apparently since I had to do some cleaning house today in preparation for a weekend party my brother is hosting at the house, I finally had to come up with a stash "bin". And so I displaced a few office supplies from their perches and replaced all the cubbie holes with roving, batts, blending fibers and cones of yarn/thread in my office - which will now be called the Spinning Haven - that is, until I find spots for the wheels. For now it's the Stash Haven...

I think it's official - I now have a stash problem. There's still the two big bins of fiber from Sheep Shed studio in the garage...

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Bee said...

Wow talk about eye candy in this post! Beautiful. Thanks also for taking photos of the saved me the trouble (esp with the lack of light nowadays) and yours looks wonderful too! I have a shelf from ikea in my living room with cubbies which I'm going to now designate and organize/show massive stash. It'd be sick if I didn't love the fiber that much. Heh. Maybe I can get my spindle after this weekend...I know you have a big one planned and I am not feeling 100% at the moment and need to clean/decorate house. Have a great weekend!!!