Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Type Of Scary...

It's Halloween and I have to be honest - I haven't figured out what to make art-wise for my Halloween yarn swap. I guess it's that overly critical Me who thinks that nothing is good enough to give away because it has to be...PERFECT! Oh well, I know I have to get crackin' in that department.

So, to help me feel inspired, I'm pulling out my list of favorite scary movies. As an aside I am reading The Historian, which is about vampires, most notably Count Dracula, but it's a bit meandering at the moment. But the fear is slowly building though - so I know it will be a wonderful scary read.

Here is a partial list of my favorite "horror" movies. Some of them I remember from the 80's when I was just in my teens, because my mom always would take us to see these movies with her. Some of them really resonated with me, and some...well, my mom wasn't into those slasher movies after all, thank goodness.

If you're curious, the links will take you to their trailers on Youtube.

The Orphanage
Pan's Labyrinth
The Others
28 Days Later
Ghost Story (1981) This had Fred Astaire, Douglas Fairbanks, and Melvyn Douglas
The Changeling (1980)
Dead and Buried (1981)
Shaun of the Dead (After all, their movie wallpaper isn't headlining this post by accident!)

I have been busy in the spinning department. I did finish the YarnZombie batt and am getting ready to give it a rinse. I also finished my shetland kettle dyed roving from Shunklies. I swear my index finger is getting callused just from drafting it! That, too, is getting ready for its soak and then I'll take a little break and continue with my wip's. The list is growing, and Christmas is fast approaching so I best be ready!

I also bought this a few minutes ago from Watermelon Yarns on Etsy. Maybe something I can use for my swap after all!

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