Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gotta Love It!

The other night, Leo was so into his newly-built hackle, blending white fibers with glitter (the Jacquard dyes didn't get in till today) that he stayed up till 10 blending away.

Then he asked me, "Which wheel am I using?"

He tried his hand spinning on the Fricke the other night so I got him the Fricke and off he went. So I left him and the wheel alone, being one with the his newly-blended fiber on his newly-built hackle.

I wonder how he'll react when I start dyeing the roving tomorrow...

Hmmm...from the photo above you can actually see all my four (count FOUR!) spinning wheels. To the far left is the antique castle wheel that's missing the flyer and bobbin, then next to it is the Hitchhiker (its handle is peeking). To Leo's immediate left, you see a glimpse of the Louet Julia and he's using the Fricke ST-160. Wow...

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