Friday, September 19, 2008

My New Baby

Let me introduce to you my new baby! She arrived two days ago, at about 4-ish in the afternoon and I immediately set about in putting her together.

Fricke all assembled
...from which I spun this merino yarn, 208 yards of it!

Spun on my Fricke
She is a Frick ST-160, and I purchased her from a Raveller who preferred to get a DT instead. I guess you could call me a wheel collector now for sure...

Let's see, I started with an antique wheel that's missing a flyer and bobbin set up and drive band (I had NO CLUE what a wheel was, but it was a quick learning curve!), then I found someone on Ravelry destashing a Hitchhiker wheel from the Merlin Tree, and just before the wheel arrived, I found Nancy of Custom Handweaving just three blocks from my office who sold wheels and FIBER! She loaned me my Louet Julia which is on a payment plan at the moment.

My Hitchhiker wheel
The Hitchhiker

My Louet Julia
Louet Julia

So now I officially have four, count it, FOUR wheels! I just learned how to spin on a drop spindle on Memorial Day and here I am, barely four months later with not one, but FOUR wheels! Thank the goddess that Leo is very patient.

Especially since my next big planned purchase is a drum carder...and you know what happens when you get a need more FIBER!

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