Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

For the past four days I've been sick with the flu. Or is the cold? But then does it matter? You name it, I got it - fever, body aches (even my teeth hurt!), nasal congestion, sinus pressure, sore throat, and now the coughing. It's getting so tiring.

On a serious note, this time of forced rest makes me realize that maybe it's time for me to re-evaluate my life again. Where exactly am I going? And what am I doing?

This year, I've ventured forth along many uncharted paths - mostly to please people close to me who want me to have a more stable career. The life of a massage therapist - whether you've taken on teaching in addition to just practicing - isn't exactly one that will lead you to a cushy retirement. There's no 401K out there being matched by any employer, and during a downward economy, it's one of the first ones that get affected. Or that's what they tell me. Instead, they'd rather see me go into nursing and see me be in a career that won't be out of demand at all. I don't blame them.

Last week I ran across an old friend who was telling me how no matter how much she planned things, something always happened that worked against any of her plans. And the moment she "let go" things started happening for her - opportunities opened up, and she wasn't working twice as hard to get to where she wanted to be.

It's certainly something to think about...

But then I haven't been idle with my hands though. I've tried valiantly to finish something...anything. Here's one picot-edged fingerless wrist warmer that I completed yesterday. It's a bit snug, but it looks beautiful. I'm working on the next one as soon as I drink more of that yummy cough medicine...

Here's a view of the finished red sock that I'm calling Flamenco. I'm working on the second pair, too.

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