Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sex And The City, Circa 1896

Okay, in honor of Valentine's Day, I give you some advice on how to snag your man, courtesy of the New York Herald, in 1896:

To Marriageable and Married Women -- After 1896 there will not be another leap year until 1904. THE SUNDAY HERALD offers a prize of $100 to the woman who sends to this office before February 28, 1896, the best answer to the question, "How far may a woman go to encourage a man to propose marriage?"

Here is a fine opportunity for the "twentieth century girl." A competent committee will decide the contest.

So far as her heart bid her
-D. W., Orange, N.J.

Not at all. A man who is truly in love does not need encouragement, but on the contrary, will let no obstacle to keep him from declaring his love, and no girl of spirit would want a proposal from a man who had to be led on to it. So, let her keep her maidenly reserve and dignity, and the true man, worty of the girl I have in my mind, will propose in due time.
Mrs. J. J. B.
Hampton, Elizabeth City county, Va.

AT length 1896 has arrived in this land of liberty and leap year, and if nature teaches anything, it is observation and experience. A woman's instincts are greater and keener than the opposite sex. I should therefore confidingly tell the man of my choice that he might be cheerful and perhaps contented in single life, but never happy, which is unnatural.

There are many ways whereby a lady may venture further. If she dare not trust to words even in his presence, let her write the question on a slip of paper and request him laughingly with a true woman's heart to give a plain no or yes, and thus she might approach the subject by agreeable stages in a hundred ways, depending upon the circumstances.
Mrs. F. A. L.
Kingston, N.Y.

If a desirable result is to be achiever, she should send him an invitation to dine with her on a certain evening. The dinner should consist of everything which pleased his taste, cooked by her own hands, and served as homelike as possible. She should study his every wish and see there was nothing which he disliked. She should pose as a housewife, so that in imagination he would be drinking from that enchanted cup of happiness found only in domestic bliss. She should lead the conversation into the delights of having a happy home and loving husband who enjoys her company and is happy at home -- home, the only place where love and pure, true happiness is found.
Mrs. H. P.

A girl who has money and is in love with a man who has none may with perfect propriety - provided she knows he loves her enough to marry -- make him understand that she would support the house. Let her be frank and honest, and tell the man, "I know you love me and cannot marry me yet for a while; well, I'll settle the question by supporting the establishment till such time until you can do so yourself." If he looks hurt, let her say, "Well I'll advance you a certain sum, which you can repay me later on." NO many man would take offence at that.

Magdalena, I think you're way ahead of your time, girlfriend!

I love the posing as a housewife advice the best though...who woulda thunk???

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