Saturday, December 1, 2007

So Many Roads, So Little Time

My practice has been slowing down considerably. It's depressing sometimes but that's life. With the mortgage credit woes growing, more and more people don't see massage as a necessity it once was. Sure I still have my regulars, but even that is slowing down, too.

Anyway, so I had this bright idea that I'd go into practical nursing. I know of a school belonging to a family friend and they can help me get in quickly - or so I thought. Before I can enter the LVN program, I have to take the Certified Nurse Assistant training!

Next thing I know, I'm signed up for the CNA program and I'm doing catch up work by doing independent study for the theoretical part of the program. On the 4th week, I join everyone else at the nursing home where the clinical training begins.

Well, did I say I've gone back to school, too, and am taking Anatomy?

So now I'm staring at this proverbial fork in the road, only there aren't just two paths, but three or more! What am I doing - well, to be more precise - what am I thinking???

Now on the fifth week of clinicals (and we're having midterms), and a week before my Anatomy practicum and two weeks before my Anatomy Finals, my practice has picked up!

At least for one thing - I'm no longer depressed.

Now I'm just overwhelmed.

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