Sunday, May 13, 2007

Enjoy The Ride

A few days ago I returned to David's Bridal to do the final fitting for my dress. I tried to but on the bustle (or do they call it the girdle-thingy?) and I swear, it would not even close at all.

So the very suave attendant said, "Oh, we put in the wrong size. Let me get the right size for you." And off she went leaving me speechless. Who woulda thunk???

But at least it was much better than saying, "Oh you've put on a few pounds since you last came in. Let me go get the size larger than this one."

Honestly, I've been packing on the pounds since this whole wedding mess began. First my mom is not talking to me because of something I said last year that truly ticked her off (all I asked was for her not to repeat something she had just said three times) and therefore she is not coming to the wedding; second, Leo broke his ankle in February after a night of heavy drinking with his equally inebriated brother and none of them have any idea what set off their argument that led to his falling.

Was he pushed? Did he trip? Who knows? When drunks get together, anything can happen, right?

So while he had to have surgery to have three screws put into fibula and had to be in a cast for four or so weeks, and then returning to work and me having to drive him to and from work each day, my regular day starts and ends with...chocolate. Lots of them. M&M's, Hershey's, Milky Way, you name, I've got it stuffed in my mouth as I drive each day to drop him off, head off to my practice, then hurry to pick him up.

Sure I'm ranting, but what can I do? The wedding has to go on, and everyone and their mother has an opinion on how I'm supposed to do it, and what they would LIKE to see at the reception, or the ceremony, and WHO they would like to invite (there's 125 people on the list, 98 of whom do not belong to the bride's party) regardless whether I know them or not.

Needless to say, I'm pretty stressed out. But like I keep telling myself, The train has left the station, and I'm in it. So might as well enjoy the ride.

One thing that I find myself doing though to keep myself de-stressed is to knit this basketweave blanket which I knit while waiting for Leo to get done with his PT each morning before work, and while I wait for him outside his office building. I call it my stress blankie.

So to destress even more, and imagine that we're all one big happy lovely family, I've been playing online. Look what a little Photoshop magic can do!

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