Saturday, May 28, 2005

Of Dream Lots and Acequias

I know this isn't quite an idea of a dream home, but to me it is. Sure it isn't one of those McMansions one sees so often in California or other states, but to me, this is just dreamy.

You see, if you walk around this house to the back, you'll see that it's on a 3/4 acre lot, and there's even an acequia in the back of the property. It's not working right now but it just has to be dug up so the water can pass through.

Anyway, this isn't my property at all - it belongs to a friend of mine - Sara. When I go to New Mexico, I stay with her sometimes and it's fun. Sure I get to have close encounters with four, six, or eight-legged creatures sometimes, and once fire ants made it up to my thigh and made mince meat out of me, but I loved it.

It's hard to get 3/4 acre lots in California for under 100K after all.

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